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The first ever LVMH watch week, which will be held in Dubai's newly opened Bulgari hotel, is scheduled to take place on January 2020. Bulgari launched the U-Boat Replica S at this event. It is a 40mm extra-thin satin polished steel case version, which has a water resistance of up to 100m.

The U-Boat Replica Automatic is made of satin-polished steel and has a blue dial. It is rated at 100m depth.

Bulgari unveiled a watch with a black dial as an alternative to the radiant blue dial. Bulgari's plans for 2020 were different from what it appeared. In March of the following year,u-boat replica the world was at a standstill, with Bulgari’s home country particularly affected. Watches & Wonders had to be re-launched in a digital format, Baselworld was in ruins, and the watchmaking world was in chaos. Bulgari chose to create its own 2020 in the middle of all this.

In a recent interview, CEO Jean-Christophe Babin told Revolution that "we are an Italian brand. We were deeply moved by the severity of the pandemic in Italy." Lazzaro spallanzani is a hospital that has been doing amazing work. Three researchers -- Maria Rosaria Capobianchi Francesca Colavita, and Concetta Casilletti -- isolated the virus successfully in less than 48 hours. They were missing a crucial piece of equipment - a 3D microscope which would have allowed them to move on in the fight against the virus.

He continued, "We thought that we should provide them with this. This is only a small contribution to a global problem. Even though we face a huge financial challenge, it is important to do all we can. We have a scent factory outside Milan. We have found a way [with fragrance manufacturer ICR] to manufacture a new hand-sanitizer that Italy desperately needs. We have the ability to produce up to 6,000 bottles per day,Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica and we're gearing up to supply all of the affected areas. Later in June Bulgari announced a partnership with Oxford University Edward Jenner Institute for funding their efforts to develop a vaccine.

Bulgari, having done its part to improve the world, turned its attention towards the Swiss Watch Industry and organized a small gathering for locals and EU-based people to come to Geneva in late August 2020 for Geneva Watch Days. Bulgari revealed their sixth record-breaker at the Geneva Watch Days, the U-Boat Replica Tourbillon Chronograph Automatic, which is only 3.50mm thick.

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